Who we are

  • We gather the most qualified professionals to provide the best performance, excellence and leadership in the structuring of development projects with sustainable socio-economic impact.
  • We strongly believe that well structured financial mechanism will bring great economic value to reach green growth on the continent, stimulate entrepreneurship, encourage startups and create job opportunities. This is our believe for a prosperous future in Africa.
  • We share our passion for a better future for our children to transform Africa to impose itself as a leading continent of the world.
  • We concentrate knowledge, expertise and we integrate innovation, technology transfer and creativity. We take the right decisions to carry out our mission and to better serve our clients.
  • We respect our values and our ethics with a transparent governance.
  • We work in a team, every day to reach excellence and leadership in all what we do!

Several years of experience

With several years of cumulated experience, the team has developed a multidisciplinary network of specialists and professionals, to carry out its tasks and missions, and assist the clients in reaching their sectorial objectives, at the regional and international levels.

We work with our clients at all levels of the organization, through a large spectrum of domains, sectors, industries, structural functions, and regulations. A list of references in: defining strategies for government departments and large institutions, preparing studies and documents for Ministerial participations at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COP), identifying portfolio of projects for different type of investors with consistent financial returns and positive social and environmental impact, advising large institutions in their vision, their restructuring and their business intelligence and strategic watch.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accompany leaders in improving the performance of their organizations by providing them with access to information and strategic intelligence. We assist in building solid structures with a prosper outlook and a global vision, offering great opportunities within their environment.

A structure specialized in advisory work, studies, analysis, training, lobbying and structuration of projects, with a presence in Boston initially and now in Rabat. The objective is to serve the private sector, governments, non governmental organizations, local authorities, as well as multinational institutions. We assist clients to improve their performances, to shape their vision, face their challenges, and realize their most important objectives.