Our Expertise

Digitalisation and Technological Transition

  • Integrating new technologies, innovation, digitalization in the set up of new strategic visions and objectives throughout our sectors of expertise. We have a network of high level specialist to ensure state of the art advise, the most advanced techniques, and to build upon the digital transformations.
  • Artificial Intelligence (IA) and cognitive approach: new trends that are transforming traditional sectors such as agriculture, water management, energy, education and health. Thus, we will ensure a better management of natural resources and monitored sustainability.
  • Health and education are at the core of Africa’s prosperity, a new expertise is brought into Strategica to tackle these very important aspects for socio-economic development and for poverty eradication of the continent, in order to be ready for all type of crisis..

Sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development

Seven major transactions that impact the world today …

… smart growth and equitable prosperity

1 Knowledge Management

2 Urbanization and mobility

3 Health and Security

4 Natural Resources & Climate Change

5 Digitalization and Technology Transformation

6 Governance and Regulation

7 Financial Engineering

  • Changes are rapid and being accelerated
    • need for anticipation and reactivity
  • Changes are interconnected
    • call for innovation and integrated approaches
  • Importance of regulation and well structured legal framework
  • The use of natural resources need to be optimized and structured
    • Energy, water, agriculture are intertwined and their management requires the use of new technologies for sustainable production
  • Local socio-economic development is a way to ensure that the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are met
    • The balance between existing resources and the demand is very important
    • Human development and gender equality

Success can built through the mastering of information, and the management tools and organization, as well as the understanding of regulation, both for the private and public sector. Africa presents a great potential which should be tapped to ensure its development and prosperity. The focus should be made on the sector of life in order to strengthen them and get them ready to face all type of financial, economic and sanitary crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, with integrated and sustainable strategies, sound deployment and execution plans, Africa should be poised to reach the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.